IT Support Contracts

Spend less time managing your ICT service providers and protect your business from downtime with a Managed Service Level Agreement.

As your business becomes more reliant on computer systems, you spend more time managing IT and the cost of downtime increases. Let Eaglecrest Technologies save you time and help you take control of your technology.

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What is a Managed Service Level Agreement?

A Managed Service Level Agreement from Eaglecrest Technologies provides your organisation with the IT support you can rely on by:

  1. Acting as the main point of contact, coordinating your other ICT service providers,
  2. Providing certified support for a wide range of technology including Apple environments, and 
  3. Protecting your business with defined response and resolution times.

What is the benefit of an IT Support Contract?

A Managed Service Level Agreement is designed to allow you to focus on your business, while shifting the responsibility for managing your technology to experienced, trained professionals. This allows you to:

  • Spend less time managing your telecommunications and software providers,
  • Focus on developing your business and know that support is on-hand when you need it,
  • Budget for a set monthly IT expense,
  • Measure and improve your usage of IT support services against defined targets for response and resolution time,
  • Reduce the risk of having one person with all the knowledge of your business IT systems, and
  • Access accountable, highly skilled support personnel when required.

What makes IT Support Contract from Eaglecrest Technologies so valuable?

Eaglecrest Technologies understand the value that technology can add to an organisation when it is applied correctly. All Managed Service Level Agreements from Eaglecrest Technologies also include the following value-adding services, specifically designed to improve your businesses use of technology:

  • Regular sessions designed to improve your strategic use of technology to achieve business goals,
  • Monthly email newsletters to improve how your organisation uses technology, and
  • Early access to exclusive events from Eaglecrest Technologies and their local partners.

How can an IT Support Contract help your business?

See how it has helped Parry Property sustain their incredible rate of growth in their first 18 months!

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