Event: Work Smarter, Not Harder with Business Automation

Posted by Ben Jones on 7th Jul 2017

A joint event hosted by Eaglecrest Technologies, 41st Degree and Novata Solutions.

Join Eaglecrest Technologies, 41st Degree and Novata Solutions to find out how you can automate your business using Microsoft products. 

Through Tasmanian Irrigation and TasRail sharing what they have learnt so far in their journey to increase their level of business automation, you will be able to 

  1. Understand the possibilities of workplace automation using Microsoft products e.g. SharePoint, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Power BI, Flow, Power Apps and other third-party applications,
  2. Identify opportunities within your organisation for automation, and
  3. Develop a Workplace Automation Roadmap.

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Bring a team along to get the most out of this working lunch with Tasmanian Irrigation and TasRail explaining how they are pursuing business automation.

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Automation with Microsoft

Since the release of Office 365, Microsoft have focused on developing the automation capabilities of their class-leading business software platform. Office 365 now includes access to a great range of products that are designed to help businesses understand their data and automate key systems and processes including:

  • SharePoint and OneDrive, 
  • Microsoft Flow, 
  • PowerApps, and 
  • Power BI. 

These applications are designed to help businesses automate systems and processes that consume time without adding much value - enabling you to work smarter, not harder.

Register Your Team

Bring a small team along to this hands-on lunch workshop featuring Case Studies from Tasmanian Irrigation and TasRail and map out the transformation of your organisation.

Time: 12 noon -2 pm

Date: Thursday 20/7/2017

Location: Eaglecrest Technologies, Launceston TAS


Eaglecrest Technologies and other partners of this event have had no involvement in the automation of TasRail. They have kindly offered to share their story because it is a story worth sharing.