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Do you need a new computer? Eaglecrest Technologies will listen to what you need and help you find the right one, rather than confusing you with too many choices.

Eaglecrest Technologies is the longest running computer store in Launceston and will help you find a new, quality computer that perfectly suits your needs. We will also transfer your data, install programs and even create shortcuts for Facebook!

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Still unsure about how Eaglecrest Technologies can help you? Contact us to discuss in more detail.

Buy a New Laptop or Computer

Eaglecrest Technologies can help you find a new computer or laptop perfectly suited for what you need, rather than just what's on sale. We only supply trusted, reputable brands that businesses can rely on - so why sell anything less to you? We can also include the transfer of all your data and programs so that when you walk out the door, you can start straight away. 

Setting Up Your New Computer

Have you just got a new computer and need more help setting it up? Eaglecrest Technologies will transfer your data, install software and make sure it is fully setup before you leave the store. More importantly, we will be here for support and assistance if you need it.

Laptop and Computer Repairs and Servicing

Do you have a laptop or computer that needs a repair or service? Eaglecrest Technologies can repair and service all makes of computers including Apple! Call Eaglecrest Technologies on 03 6343 1919 now to book your computer in for an inspection.